The 4 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Press Release Digital

As the age of traditional communication turns digital, so too does the work of professional communicators. Whether it is new forms of media, or adaptations of past practices, we have no choice but to change.

Since the rise in social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twittter, we have seen them jump into the spotlight of employers looking to be “cool” and “hip.” Unfortunately the traditional press release sometimes gets overlooked.

One exciting thing for those trying to stay up with the latest in technology in PR but also are not ready to give up traditional PR tactics is a hybrid press release.

An interesting blend of old school press releases and web based links, sometimes embedded like a blog post, blended up and put out as these hybrid press releases.

So why should you care?

For internships and jobs in the future if you are able to create a digital press release you will most definitely have a leg up on others. Why is that?

1. It is more interactive: The ones who will be getting the press release will now be able to dive further into your content and explore beyond just your words. This includes the addition of links to websites, pictures, videos and more.

2. It is more user friendly: With more and more content being only on the internet, many employers are finding it easier to interact on the web because they are already online. If the press releases are similar to the way they navigate pages on the Internet it is an easy transition.

3. It is eye catching: The number of press releases that are sent out is incredible…so make yours memorable. Everyone wants their press release to be seen but only a select few stand out.

4. It is the future: Growing up in the digital age, our generation and the one that came after ours is so connected to this type of content. The future editors and media experts we will be sending our press releases to will have grown up this way.

All in all, as we move farther and farther away from traditional print formatting, adjustments have to be made to keep current with the times. Public relations professionals have already had to adapt with the emergence of social media and now they are having to adapt to a wider variety of technological advances.

Do you think this is just the popular thing to do as far as media technology or do you think this is something that public relations professionals will have to continue to adapt to in the future?


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